Trouble with your
credit reports?
We can help.

18 out of 100 Canadians face inaccurate and/or incomplete information on their credit reports causing great strain both financially and emotionally.

Applying for loans, apartments, home/auto/life insurance, and mortgages all perform credit checks.

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Are you struggling
to build credit?

Unfortunately, most credit rebuilding advice is quite frankly wrong and is given without actually reviewing your credit reports. Building credit isn’t as easy as applying for credit. It requires a detailed plan of action to ensure that you build credit optimally, and most importantly, safely

We are pleased to offer our
Credit Improvement Review

We’ve helped thousands of Canadians restructure their debt and rebuild their credit. We are taking what we have learned in reviewing our Debt Restructuring client’s reports and are now offering this service, previously reserved exclusively for our clients, to you! Your credit report shouldn’t control your life.
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3 Easy steps to improve your credit

Step 1
Book your appointment

You will first start off by booking your appointment via the booking button below. Your appointment will be scheduled out at least 1 week away to allow for adequate time to complete the requirements in Step 2.

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Step 2
Following your booking you will receive an email with instructions on how to request the information from the credit bureaus. You will send us this information prior to our meeting. If you have a credit report that is within 30-60 days of age you can skip this step.
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Step 3
Your appointment
Your appointment will consist of a 30 minute meeting with David Moffatt. In that meeting he will review and analyze your credit reports, provide your recommendations on how to improve your credit, and follow-up the meeting with a written plan of action.


Customized plan to fit your needs
A comprehensive credit report analysis, live via Zoom
Work with a professional to review your report
Clear direction on how to improve your credit rating
Perfect program in preparation for upcoming loans and mortgages
Proven credit rebuilding that produces real results

just $89 + HST


Unfortunately not. Equifax & Transunion only provide services to companies who extend credit to consumers or businesses. We don’t lend money and so the credit bureaus will not allow us access.
We would be glad to provide these to you. Subsequent meetings are billed at a rate of $75 + HST.
Absolutely! However, we have found that most credit rebuilding advice is extremely general and doesn’t take into account individualized issues nor the goals of a person. This really sets people up for failure as it missing a fundamental component to building an effective plan.
No. Because you are pulling your credit report yourself there will be zero impacts to your credit score.
Absolutely! It is very easy to reschedule if need be. Simply find your original booking email and follow the instructions there. Or send us an email at
This is a nearly impossible question to answer and relies heavily on the current status of your credit report. We’ve seen some clients see drastic (50-100 point) increases based on some of our recommendations but of course this won’t apply to everyone. However, we are confident that the individualized advice we provide will allow for a solid credit foundation and a plan to move forward.

Simply email with the subject ‘Credit Improvement Review’ with your questions and we will gladly answer them.