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Halifax is one of the most incredibly unique cities in Canada. As the most populous municipality in Atlantic Canada and one of North America’s most significant shipping ports, we have a number of attractions you won’t see anywhere else. From the Museum of Immigration to Citadel Hill, the attractions in our great city reflect our history as one of Canada’s most important coastal regions. We’re a proud city – proud of our hockey players, from members of the Mooseheads to Sidney Crosby, proud of our incredible musicians and artists, and glad to be one of Canada’s most influential cultural regions.

What we’re not so proud of, on the other hand, is our consumer debt. Although Nova Scotians tend to carry less debt than the national average, the rate of delinquency is higher. This means that someone from Nova Scotia is more likely to miss a payment than the average Canadian. Missing payments is often the first sign that you are headed for financial trouble. If it happens frequently, it can begin affecting your credit score, making it harder to secure credit in the future. Goals like purchasing a home or a vehicle can start to seem unattainable when you’re battling against debt. 

Our dream is a Halifax with low consumer debt, where Haligonians are free to pursue their ambitions of home ownership, early retirement, post-secondary education – anything their hearts desire. We start with a free one-hour consultation where we’ll discuss your personal financial situation, identifying opportunities and weaknesses so we can create a concrete plan to get you out of debt.

When you’re overwhelmed with debt, there are a number of options that might be available to you. Debt consolidation is an option you might pursue – with that, you would consolidate multiple high-interest loans into one bigger loan, often with a lower interest rate. Debt restructuring is yet another option where we help you find a solution to pay back a smaller amount and on terms that are affordable. You might also opt to file for bankruptcy – its usually the very last resort and it can seem scary but sometimes, it’s the best decision for your financial health. 

We will give you candid advice about what debt reduction strategies are best for your situation. Once you’ve decided on your strategies, we’ll help you implement them in the most effective way and give you the tools and techniques you need to re-establish your credit.

Imagine a Debt-Free Future

You might need debt restructuring where we help you lower your debts and find a new affordable payment arrangement. You might need to file for bankruptcy – this is the last resort and often sounds scary, but it can be a valuable tool for getting out of debt that seems insurmountable. There are plenty of other tools in your financial toolbox – tools we’ll help you learn about.

Once you’re out of debt, you’ll need to rebuild your credit rating and you won’t have to do it alone. We’ll help you create a strategy for rebuilding your debt, a strategy that will include saving money to create a nest egg and getting your credit score high enough that you can apply for a mortgage. Your debt might seem too big to deal with, but we’re here to help. Trust the professionals – free yourself from debt and follow your dreams. 

97% of families successfully complete the plans we create and become debt free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me to work with us?

Our office provides a free 1-hour information session, educating you about all the options available; Learn more about how to deal with overwhelming debt and bankruptcy alternatives.

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Do I get to keep any credit cards?

This largely depends on the type of restructuring used. If you file a Bankruptcy, then you cannot obtain or have any credit during this process. In other restructuring options, you can keep the credit card if it has a zero balance

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What is debt restructuring​?

Making the decision to restructure can be a difficult one for some people and it is important to understand both the benefits and implications of doing so.

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Will debt restructuring affect my credit rating?

Different restructuring options have different effects on your credit rating. As a general rule, any time you settle your debts at less than 100 cents on the dollar, it will have a negative effect on your credit rating.

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